20-6525 MTH 1999 RARE HAVEN NEW C-8 CAR PASSENGER SCALE 70' RIBBED oldhad7583749-Other O Scale


Resicast 1 35 British M7 Priest Stowage (enough for 2 vehicles) 352294

On your best day, you're unstoppable.

You take pride in striving to be the best version of yourself. But lately, it's getting harder to hold it all together. Unexpected feelings of anger, inadequacy and envy are starting to sneak up on you. Suddenly, you look around and wonder why you're working harder than everyone else. The more you seem to accomplish, the less successful you feel. You've tried everything to get control of what is going on. But what if the thing that propels you forward is actually holding you back?

Deciding to try therapy can feel vulnerable, (not your favorite feeling!), so you avoid asking for help. You're worried that you'll be overwhelmed by your feelings if you scratch the surface. You're not even sure you "need" therapy. Things aren't that bad, right?

Fast-forward six months: What will your life be like?

I help the overachievers of the world drop the fear and anxiety, make choices they are proud of, and start to feel like themselves again. I help those who have reached a plateau, reach the next peak. I've helped hundreds of people and couples of all genders and orientations let go of self-doubt, resentment, and expectations that no longer serve them. You can do it alone, but you don't have to.

Call me at (562) 704-4736 for a free consultation.

Learn how therapy can get you feeling like yourself again.

Resicast 1 35 LRDG 30 cwt Heavy Weapon Carrier Early Conversion (Tamiya) 352351
Resicast 1 35 REME British Airborne Lightweight Electrical Repair Trailer 351270
Resin Figure Dark Souls 3 King Miniature Garage Resin Kit
Resin Figure Kit Death Unpainted Garage Resin Kit
Resin p e T-72A early turret and decals for Tamiya 1 35 SBS 35004
Retail Point of Sale Display, 1050 Polyhedral Wiz Dice and 40 Embroidered

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