Self-Care and Refuelling for the HSP

Highly Sensitive People have probably experienced times in their lives when they have felt totally overwhelmed, drained, and have struggled to keep up with the daily activities of this fast-paced world.

Today, society expects us all to pursue a post-secondary education, work around the clock to establish our careers, find love, make time to maintain a social life, get a mortgage, work overtime to pay for it, find time to have kids…. Oh, plus continuously juggle two electronic devises and commute around in busy traffic or on the subway every day.

Sound exhausting? It does to me! And it is to a lot of people…. especially HSPs.

Even if we aren’t attuned to how we are being affected by today’s demanding, overwhelming world on a daily basis, something will eventually force us to stop ignoring our need for downtime, reflection, and solitude.

Whether we are signaled through stress, anxiety, anger, health issues (or even a total breakdown), our nervous system’s overstimulation will get the best of us if we don’t take time to recharge.

It isn’t fun to let ourselves get to that breaking point; we really feel the repercussions, and it can be very emotionally traumatic for an HSP.

How do we prevent this? We have to MAKE the space, and MAKE the time to be there for ourselves, and take the downtime we need.

We must.

Now, I know my fellow HSPs can do this – you can all really do anything that you put your mind to, you in-touch, empathetic hard workers, you. 😉

So, now my question is:

What refuels YOU?

HSPs are usually very creative people, and can be easily moved by the arts, music, and nature. They are also often very spiritual, and are deeply passionate about one or many things.

If you haven’t already identified activities that refuel and recharge your sensitive soul, I’d like to list a few ideas for you to try.

Once you find out what allows you to escape into your oh-so-beautiful inner life, please try and go to this place whenever you feel the need.

Make time for it, like you make time for meals, sleep and the gym. It is FOOD for you, and will make you a happier and healthier HSP. Trust me.

Daily activity suggestions to calm your HSP soul

(note: I am suggesting to try just one of these a day, not all of them in one day, which would be awesome! But reality is, it would probably be hard to find the time).

  1. If you are a morning person, get up 20 minutes earlier each morning to sit outside on your patio with a coffee or tea, and watch the sunlight begin to brighten your surroundings.
  1. When you come home from work, before diving into dinner preparations or turning on the TV, go into a quiet room and/or put on some headphones and listen to the sound of ocean waves with your eyes closed for 15 minutes. Yes, there is an App for that.
  1. Learn to meditate (there are tons of tutorials on YouTube), and do this every morning for 15 minutes when you wake up, or when you get home from work, or before you go to bed, whichever works best for you.
  1. During a break at work, instead of sitting in the busy lunch room, go for a walk around the block on your own, or drive to the nearest path or park and eat your lunch there. Don’t feel weird, don’t worry about what others think, they will actually probably admire it.
  1. Take some time before bed to unwind and look at your favourite artist’s pieces, or listen to your favourite musician while sitting on the couch or lying in bed. Simply enjoy this without interruption for 15 minutes.
  1. After dinner, put on your shoes, make a tea, and go for a walk outside in a quiet area. Find a park bench and sit there for a few minutes. Just take in the fresh air; notice and appreciate your surroundings.

Artistic outlets

As I mentioned, a lot of HSPs are very creative. Have you discovered your creative outlet? If not, try some out. I started experimenting with art right around the time I found out I was an HSP.

I began making mosaic stepping stones and decorative pieces, and then moved into acrylic painting. These activities are very soothing and recharging for me.

Sometimes my favourite thing to do on a Friday night is hangout by myself with a glass of red wine (or three), music and a blank canvas.

My boyfriend’s creative outlet is playing the acoustic guitar. I know another HSP who loves to garden; plant flowers, and watch them grow…

Maybe you like interior design, or photography? Perhaps creative writing… even making beer and wine in your garage! There is something about creation for an HSP that is so fulfilling and recharging.

Will you share your creative outlet with me? Put it in a comment, a private message, or on The Sensitive Trait’s Facebook page.

And not to forget non-HSPs – So many of you enjoy creativity to! I don’t mean to exclude you, even if you’re not highly sensitive, I know that creativity may be a calming pass-time for you as well. You are just as welcome here!

Have a great week everyone ❤

XO your fellow HSP, Chelsie.



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