When Silence Calls

Has the beauty of silence been forgotten? I know that it is becoming more and more difficult to come by, what with our busy streets, open concept work stations, public transit, TVs, mobile devices, computers…

It is actually impossible for me to eliminate man-made sounds from my house; we live in Langley BC, by a highway. I can only imagine what it must be like in other more densely populated areas of the world like India, or Asia…. Even busy cities like New York.

Do you ever think about how rare complete, soothing, precious, amazing silence is?

It still exists! But today we need to work much harder to seek it out. I would think that many people don’t often realize how much background noise is constant in their life. For HSPs, total silence (with the exception of natural sounds like water lapping, rain falling, birds chirping) is so therapeutic for our souls. The truth is: we need it a lot more than non-HSPs do.

I had the rare and wonderful opportunity to experience complete silence while in Banff National Park, AL. It made me want to seek out solitude like this EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

My partner (and fellow HSP) and I were in a canoe paddling around Emerald lake one morning. We were a little clouded in, but the water was still gorgeous. **see the feature picture in this post 🙂

We had beaten the morning crowds, and it was just us out on the lake. We paddled around the lake’s edge, examined the shoreline and admired the crisp blue water all around us. At one point of our journey, I had the urge to say…

“let’s just stop and just listen.”

We decided to take a few minutes of complete silence. No moving in our canoe, paddles up. Just the sounds of birds and woodland animals, and the subtle patter of light rain on the tree leaves and the lake’s surface. All was still.

It was surreal.

My HSP self was glowing, singing, dancing inside! I felt blissful and calm, it moved me deeply; the beauty and the joy of just “being” in silent, serene nature.

This is one of the many reasons why being an HSP is so special!

We get such joy from the simplicity of things. I personally wouldn’t have it any other way. Being in nature also recharges our batteries when we are feeling overwhelmed and emotionally depleted by the fast-paced, demanding world we live in.

Because our brain and nervous systems are affected more intensely by external stimuli (busy cities, multiple tasks at once, requests, sounds, smells), and experiences that elicit emotions and our empathy, we simply MUST take time to re-charge.

Can you remember moments of silence and solitude in your past? Not lonely times, but times where you felt peaceful and content. Maybe you marveled at the awe of nature or of life itself.

Before I understood what being an HSP meant, I felt a little strange and disconnected from others when I spent time doing this. But now, I know it is food for me. I can be thankful and content in knowing who I am more now. I understand my sensitive nature and see it as a gift.

So should all of you.

And let me tell you, only good things can come from taking time in quiet, beautiful, natural places. Experience the four elements. Water is especially soothing for HSPs. Next time you’re near it, take notice to how you feel. Does it bring you comfort? Peace? Joy?

This week I invite you to think about your favorite memories of being silent in nature. Feel free to share your stories!

What natural experience will you give your sensitive soul next? Maybe a hike? Or some time reading by the ocean? An Air Mattress float on the quiet side of the lake?

Whatever you choose, I am excited for you, and I commend your taking this time for yourself.

Until next time….

Your fellow HSP, Chelsie



3 thoughts on “When Silence Calls

  1. Excellent post Chelsie, as usual… Great wisdom in here, and I can literally feel the relaxation and rejuvenation you are describing. Look forward to next week’s post.

    Liked by 1 person

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