HSPs & Dreams

Dreams are one of those human experiences that seem to go beyond the realm of scientific explanation. Throughout history they have become the foundation for fairy tales, magic, and make-believe…

They are also a part of our human experience that I think are too often brushed off as “silly” or “irrelevant” because they don’t mesh with the experiences we have in our waking hours.

Among the many traits and characteristics of an HSP; vivid, intense dreams are one of them.

Do you remember some of the dreams you had as a child?

It is possible that you had more nightmares and adventure dreams than non-HSPs due to your creative imagination and empathetic nature. It makes sense that HSPs would also be more affected by the vivid imagery in their dreams, because they process sensory input so intensely.

Do you kind of … get the sense that you remember your dreams more than others do?

Do you find yourself waking up in the morning and immediately telling your partner or friend “I had the craziest dream last night! It went like this…” ?

HSPs are usually very aware of and connected to their intuition and inner lives, or at least they have the potential to be once the overstimulation from everyday life is removed, and their minds are calm and free of anxiety.

Many say that dreams are a reflection of the subconscious, and I agree.

HSPs are constantly processing stimuli, information and emotions more elaborately and deeply than non-HSPs, so I think it makes sense that our subconscious gives us more intense reflections, because it has a bigger job to do.

I also think that HSPs / Empaths have an advanced ability to experience dreams with meaning such as problem solving dreams, premonition dreams, and nightmares (reflections of fear).

When I was seeing a professional counselor, discussing some not-so-nice experiences and memories, I had dreams almost weekly that just seemed to have a deeper meaning.

If I looked at them at “face value” they seemed strange and irrelevant, but when I peered deeper into them and paid attention to the feelings and the roles that figures in my dreams represented, I was able to gain insight.

I also think that during this time my subconscious was telling me:

“Hey Chelsie, the work you’re doing here is not going unprocessed, here’s a snap shot into your subconscious!”

And often I would want to respond with:

“Oh, lucky me, some more interpreting to do. So tell me, how does an elephant relate to that day on the school playground?!”

Dream analysis can be challenging, but very interesting and heeling, too. 🙂

We all have the amazing ability to connect with our intuition, so I urge you to think about some of your dreams, and follow your gut as you interpret them… what do you feel that they mean?

They don’t always mean something, but I think you will get a sense when they do.

I suggest that if you have a dream that definitely wasn’t about nothing, write it out on paper. There have been a few instances for me when in the process of doing this, I have an “ah-hah!” moment, and it all makes sense…

Thanks for indulging in the interesting and playful discussion of dreams with me. 🙂

Feel free to email, or message me in a private (or public) message if you’d like to contribute to this topic! I would love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time,

XOXO your fellow HSP, Chelsie.



4 thoughts on “HSPs & Dreams

  1. This weeks blog is great! It was me re visiting dreams that i still remember from childhood that were VERY odd at the time… but now are a bit more interesting 🙂 hmmm. Great blog post!!!

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  2. Reading this article on dreams got me thinking of my own. I can dream up a dream when I think about a Childhood dream I have had. I can also stop and dream and wake up and go back to sleep and continue with it. Sometimes telling myself it is just a dream. Another thing I have had a dream within a dream. I’m very emphatic with my people surroundings, phone calls and web interactions. I need to keep it to a certain daily/ weekly limit or I feel like I get backed into a corner. This is just so great reading this stuff. I am glad I came across you.

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    1. Hi kim, I am so glad you are reading these posts and relate to them! Do you ever have lucid dreams as well? (Dreams when you know your dreaming and can control them). The description of your dreams are amazing! I know other HSPs / Empaths who have vivid dreams nightly, I am one of them too. Good for you for putting a limit on your daily interactions, because we are empathetic people we take on and feel so much, it’s exhausting and we need to draw a line 🙂 thanks so much again for the comment!


  3. I love this post! In fact, as an HSP, I found a way to do dream work with others professionally; I am a certified spiritual director and dream coach! Thanks for highlighting this fact about HSP’s; many of my clients are also hsps and its always so interesting to see where their dreams take them.

    I consider dreams to be sacred ground that has so much to offer for each of us (and for HSP’s especially)!

    Great post.


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