Love & support is always here

My dearest highly sensitives and HSP supporters,

I haven’t written for you via this avenue in a few weeks; I’ve been busy with a few coaching sessions, some future planning for the Sensitive Trait and well, life – you know how it goes ;).

I have been working hard to maintain a healthy, optimal balance.

Over the past week I have been running a Facebook campaign on The Sensitive Trait’s Facebook page. This was inspired by an article I recently wrote for Ageless Living Magazine: Nine ways to THRIVE as a highly sensitive person. Check out the campaign here:

If you haven’t visited The Sensitive Trait’s Facebook page in a while (or ever), I encourage you to. Here, I am developing a community of highly sensitives from all over the world – we have 300 likes on this page to date, and we’re working to reach more HSPs to spread the word, daily. Feel free to drum up conversations in comments to posts, or reach out to other HSPs through the page.

The Sensitive Trait’s mission is all about connecting HSPs and non-HSPs who are curious to know more about the trait of high sensitivity, so that we can better understand our selves and others, ultimately improving our lives. Knowledge is freedom 🙂 and the support is here. Help me spread the word!

If you know someone else in your life who you think might be an HSP, invite them to like the Facebook page! (option to do this at top left hand corner of our page) or send them a link to

I will be back again soon with another blog post for you. Topics to come in the near future: HSPs and Leadership, combating guilt as an HSP, and more!

Have a wonderful week everyone. As always, please reach out to me in a comment or personal message anytime to continue a conversation, or to start a new one. ❤


XO your fellow HSP, Chelsie.


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