This fiery heart of mine

The past year has been very much about seeking what feels right for me in terms of my vocation – and it has not been easy! I’ve learned a lot about myself and my ambition along the way. Actually, I have discovered this pattern in me; maybe it’s in you, too? It’s this searching hard for something that my heart desires, and then pouncing on it full-force. Which is all good, except for when it doesn’t work out or my feelings about it change. That part has been the hardest… admitting that what I found whether it was blogging about a specific topic, consulting for a company whose mission I believe in, or working hard for a global company wasn’t everything I expected. These things didn’t turn into a solid forever.

But, maybe they led to the most wonderful thing of all. There are some lessons I have learned over time, like how to distinguish gut feelings from anxious thoughts, and also how to be OK with letting things go that have taken their course. But the truth is that all of these experiences have led me somewhere. They’ve led me to be patient; they’ve shown me what life is all about. Life goes up and it goes down, and we get let down when we grip too tightly to things. Sometimes we’re only meant to do things for a short time even though we enjoy them. We must remember to appreciate and let go.

It’s funny, all my soul searching and writing and study on my personality trait and helping other HSPs has taken me full circle back to when I was very young. Crazy how we know things right from the get go but our worldly conditioning covers that up. Sometimes we need to take a longer road to get there. But hey, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Something that has pulled on my heart constantly my entire life is to help others – to help them feel understood and to help them understand themselves. I am fascinated by the mind, body and soul and how they intertwine. I want to show people how they can improve their own lives through healing past wounds but also through discovering the current strength within them. And I have been doing that here, there, and everywhere in pockets of my life, but I am ready to make a switch. A big leap – a career change. I am really, really, really, excited to share that I am pursuing a masters degree in counselling psychology to become a registered clinical councillor. Things take time. And the journey is the best lesson. Here’s to a new bend in the road!

All my love and blessing to you ~

Your fellow HSP,